Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be treated at the initial appointment?

Nearly always, unless there is a good reason not to.

How many treatments will I need - how long will it take?

This is highly individual. If it is a new simple problem, a couple of sessions with advice is often enough to resolve things very quickly. If it has been a problem for a while, or is a more challenging problem a few more treatments combined with specific home exercise may be necessary spread over a few weeks. Some problems such as arthritic pain may require ongoing treatment, hopefully not too frequent. 

Will I have to get undressed? What should I wear?

Some undressing is usually necessary, a clinician needs to see what they are doing and also be able to stretch limbs without clothing impeding this. Sports gear is usually OK.

If I am uncomfortable during treatment, can I ask my practitioner to stop?

Of course, treatment is always gauged to the patients tolerance and fear.

Should I expect any side effects after treatment?

Soreness is common for a day or two after treatment, usually followed by improvement. If you are worried contact me.

Can I bring a chaperone?

Yes, of course. During the COVID-19 restrictions I would ask you to do so only if completely necessary.

What are your prices and appointment times?

At the Cheam practice first consultation and treatment are £55, follow up visits are then £45. I like to allow longer than most practitioners so the first appointment will likely take 45 mins to an hour, and follow ups up to 45 mins. At the Richmond practice prices are more expensive, and appointments last up to 40 minutes. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Whilst I appreciate that sometimes priorities can change, I do require 24 hours’ notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Cancellations without 24 hours’ notice will incur a cancellation fee. Please note, if you are wanting to cancel your appointment outside of our opening hours please email me to avoid the cancellation fee.

What is your lateness policy?

Please arrive on time for your appointment as I will not normally be able to extend treatment times if you arrive late. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, it may have to be a missed appointment. This is particularly important during the COVID-19 protocol period.

What is the difference between an osteopath, a physiotherapist and a chiropractor?

This requires a very long answer and unfortunately each practitioner may hold a different opinion. Physiotherapists make extensive use of remedial exercise, but are not limited to it, and are generally used to working in a hospital environment before moving into private practice. Osteopaths are less well known and like to use a hands on approach but often combine this with remedial exercise. Chiropractors are well know largely due to American influence and vary wildly in the amount of time they allocate to treatment and the number of sessions required.

Do you treat only back pain?

No, back pain is just the most common. Osteopaths are trained to diagnose and treat a whole range of problems.

Can I use my insurance cover?

I will update the complex issues surrounding health insurance here 

Do I need to see the GP first?

No, you can come direct without any referral. 

What if you are unable to help me?

In this case I will give you some suitable advice as to who can help you, such as referring you back to your GP with a letter to suggest a specialist opinion.

Do I need an X-rays or scans?

Normally not and unnecessary X-rays and scans are frowned upon. If it is looking like you would benefit from one then I will suggest it.